Beda Calhoun

Beda Calhoun is a founding partner of brick+mortar productions, a Colorado based marketing, management, and production company that supports storytellers across the country with the goal of spreading their stories to a larger audience. Honored to be a part of the Felt Soul Media team, Beda [although not a lover of fish or cats] makes up for her lack of terminology with southern charm.  She is actively trying to get caught up to speed by spending nights reading Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  At least she is trying, right?  She will be the one calling you incessantly for an interview, do her a favor and call her back  (970) 309-3502

5 thoughts on “Beda Calhoun

  1. Eastern Rises…Lovely production! Where might I purchase a copy? I do have a Kamchatka-related question for anyone who travelled there working on “Eastern Rises,” but it’s just about the sasquatch story.
    Kind regards, J. Robert Alley, UAS-Ketchikan, Ketchikan, AK. Thanks!

  2. Hey there,

    I have enjoyed Eastern Rises and Red Gold, own them both. I am doing a canoe expedition next year up in the Brooks Range and wanted to do some filming of my expedition. Any thoughts on solar panel set ups? What have you guys used in your work? Have you guys used goal zero products?

  3. Hey . . . several folks have commented to me re your upcoming film, DamnNation, “how come they didn’t interview you”? I’ve been taking a dam out in “art first” for 20 years and finally it came out for real last October. Condit. I have a film that will be appearing in several film fests this year called: The Art of Dam Removal. You can watch it here now on vimeo:

    No worries if you’re done or if my work doesn’t fit for you.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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