Ben Knight

When I was sixteen I crafted a pretty slick fake letterhead for a fictitious magazine at Kinko’s. It requested a photo credential for Lalapalooza’s 1994 tour stop in North Carolina. [Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, A Tribe Called Quest, Greenday] A week later, a not-so-bright publicist green-lit my fraudulent dream come true to my Mom’s answering machine: “Hi, you’ve reached Flow Magazine…” [My Mom was nice enough to record the outgoing message for me] Even if your mom drops you off at the concert, all that really matters is how big your lens is. [photo by my Mom]

5 thoughts on “Ben Knight

  1. Hey Ben,

    I really need a photo of some new school ski tracks in B&W. You have a shot of Wendy Fisher in AK, or there is one of Hillary. I need this soon can you help me out here. Please.



  2. Ben
    I heard you film Red Gold will be screening in Santa Fe October 25th. I am currently teaching a class called Media and the Environment and would love to bring my class to the event. We would obviously need to pay at the door, but was wondering if there was a way to secure 17 seats so that I could bring the whole class.
    Thanks in advance for the info,

  3. Out working in the shack tonight….had a chuckle suddenly recollecting the embarrassing mess in here when you guys showed up last spring. I never thought anyone would tell me “I popped your pilates ball when it rolled over your beer opener.”
    Took me most of summer, but I repainted and re-glazed the windows, and put in shelves and a desktop salvaged and milled from a big doug fir that came floating down the river last spring.

    Matt tells me you guys in up to your assholes in alligators with the dam removal film.
    Best of luck–hope we get a stop here in Hood River when the thing premiers.


    • Great to hear from you Steve! Glad to hear the shack is taking shape. Still logging footage from the summer/fall and starting to take inventory so we can decide what the strong and weak points are—then we’ll start filling in the blanks with a few more trips. Hoping to get the trailer on the interwebs by the end of March. We’re struggling to find a name for the film—any input would be greatly appreciated. Amend ended up not getting the majority vote. Stay in touch!

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